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   The Flesh - Win the Battle for Your Mind

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The Battle for Your Mind is Fought on the Battlefield of Faith
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Weighing the Spirit Against the Flesh

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The battle in your mind takes place on the battlefield of faith. There is a war taking place between two kingdoms, the kingdom of the flesh and the kingdom of the Spirit. Know this: The knowledge you serve is the kingdom you are tethered to, which is the kingdom that rules over you.
This is why the Bible says, “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit,” (Romans 8:5). We are going to learn to weight (discern) the flesh against the Spirit. When faith is the measure of a man it seems we cannot cross the chasm of despair, but when faith is the measure of the son of God, he carries us in His bosom.
The goal to walking by faith is to be an overcomer. The goal of faith is to overcome, self, Satan and the world as the image of Christ is taking form each day in the inner man. Now interestingly enough, it is the overcoming of self that is the greater challenge. I would like to show you something: Self. . . spelled backwards is. . .Fles-h.
Throughout the epistles of the apostles, we read about the emphasis that they placed upon keeping the saints in remembrance of the contrast between those who walk after the Spirit and those who walk by the flesh.
Condemnation is Assigned to the Flesh
Romans 8:1 reads, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”
The first thing we notice in this verse is that condemnation is assigned to the flesh, but not to the Spirit. Seeing that the flesh brings a world of controversy, guilt, shame, and condemnation, we should learn what the flesh is and what it means to “walk” after the flesh so we know how to avoid being in that place of condemnation.
What it Means to Walk
The word “walk” gives us a mental picture of an “activity”. We are doing something. When speaking of walking after the Spirit, this activity of faith relates to the covenant of Jesus Christ. Our spiritual walk has to do with our function in God’s plan and in His kingdom according to the pattern and system of truth established in Jesus Christ as the record of our faith.
Walking describes the cadence of the soul with God when we are in covenant with Him. God set the pace for us to walk with Him by establishing the activity of our faith in the priesthood. We are to walk after His kingdom. We are to be in harmony with His knowledge. Our consistency with His knowledge and expression of Christ by it keeps us consistent in our fellowship with Him and He with us.
Christian educators have tried to describe what it means to walk after the Spirit. However, the lack of attention to the covenant knowledge, tools, stewardship, and priesthood led educators to play with words and ideas that talked about how a Christian should conduct themselves, how a Christian ought to live.
A believer was taught that a Christian was supposed to function in God’s plan and not allow the enemy to control their mind, but he was never taught the living connections God provided for us through covenant faith that made this a reality.
The short sighted teaching resulted in introducing believers to words like “warfare”, “faith”, “priesthood”, “sacrifice”, “gifts”, “grace” that were not properly defined and therefore had no true application to the way God operates and the way you need to connect to God to live in Christ and overcome yourself, the world, and the devil.
Empty Catch Phrases
In the past, Christian education was about learning empty catch phrases and clichés like “walk in the light of God’s word” and “walk in union with Him.” Getting your mind to labor with a cliché for faith is like drinking from an empty cup of knowledge, there is no substance or direction given for your faith. While our need to participate is preached, what is missing in the education is the tools God sanctified for our participation to be in reciprocation to Him.
Believers were told to join themselves to God, but not given the knowledge whereby this becomes practical. And so after a while of listening to messages about how to win the battle in your mind, and how to control the flesh, and not winning, believers begin to say, “This is not Christ.” And they are right—it is not Christ.
The Current of False Knowledge
If you are to win the battle for your mind you must be able to identify Satan’s knowledge. False Knowledge is a subject we are going to cover more fully in lesson 4, but need to briefly touch on here.
Everyone feels the current of Satan’s knowledge pulling them in directions they fear. We fear losing control, we fear losing our focus, we fear losing our way, we fear losing our pleasure, we fear we may not measure up to the challenge…
We can feel the presence of Satan’s knowledge just as much as we can feel the current of the river. Picture yourself in a canoe going down a swift moving river. If you put your hand in the water you can feel the current moving past your fingers. We feel vulnerable. No one wants to be a victim of the power of the river. Your vulnerability makes you feel small, useless, and hypocritical.
We are going to learn just how much Satan draws upon the imagination to give witness to his false knowledge to gain understanding of God’s meaning when he says: Every man is drawn away of his own lust and enticed.” (James 1:14) Every man is tempted when he is drawn away into that current to do service to the imagination.
Satan’s false knowledge is his throne, or seat of power. This power WARS—it combats your faith. So when God makes us aware that we are being enticed, we can understand what the enticement is. You are enticed to stand in another power. Satan wants to challenge your faith, not your flesh; so he will use your flesh against your faith.
You need to also understand when Satan draws upon your pleasure and your logic it is not an act or object that he is focused on, but a current of worship with his knowledge he wants to draw you into. If you choose to stay in the current, you could still say, “I choose to serve Jesus,” but your faith holds no power.
Satan’s Challenge to You is to Worship his Throne of False Knowledge
Satan’s challenge to you is to worship his throne of false knowledge, even as he promised Jesus to give him his kingdom if Jesus would accept his knowledge. When you identify with a power, you are worshipping it. To identify with the power of false knowledge is to worship in Satan’s kingdom.
Satan wants you to get caught in the current. You think your will is keeping you afloat, but all you are doing is sitting in the canoe, it’s the power of the current taking you. You are just enjoying the trip, consenting to the power.  
You can use the moral code or God-Code or the signature of your soul as an oar in the water to steer, but you are still in the current of false knowledge; And as long as you are in that current, your worship of God is in vain.
This helps you understand what you are going through and the battle in the mind. Because the current of false knowledge exists, God’s plan is to daily show this to you by creating a contrast between His kingdom and Satan’s kingdom, between His knowledge and Satan’s knowledge, between the spirit of the world and the Spirit of God. This is the purpose of the daily tests God assigns to you.
If you stay in the current of the world your faith will fade away as your will grows weak. False knowledge is the opium of the world by which Satan dulls the senses to God. But as fear’s power is removed, fear fads away.
As believers now begin to realize their true hope in Christ and learn about covenant faith, it requires them to change their habits. For example, instead of focusing on human conduct and principles, they now begin to focus on Jesus Christ and His principle of truth and learn that faith works patience for their rest.
The knowledge of the covenant becomes practical when you engage with the tools of the covenant in your priesthood, whereby your soul gains the substance of Christ. It is when your mind works with the true doctrine of Christ that you are enabled to discern the knowledge of the world from the knowledge of God and thereby freeing your mind from Satan’s counsel.
You can see what we are doing here, we are shedding the necessary light upon the two different kinds of knowledge the mind can work with. One leads to death, and the other to life.
We will shed some light on the flesh as well, so we know what we are dealing with. In this course you will learn exactly what the flesh is so that you can discern what that activity is. You will learn how the flesh offers a selective view of who you are, how you function, and what you experience, but how this is jaded by the kingdom of darkness. By covenant truth, God offers us a view of Jesus Christ, that we can set the flesh aside, die to it, because we fully see and appreciate who we are in Him.

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