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Do You Know Jesus? Test Yourself!Do you know Jesus? Do you really know Him? A lot of people will say, “Yes I know Jesus! I love Him!” Others will say, “I know Jesus! He is the Good Shepherd.” Others will say they know Him because they prayed the “sinner’s prayer” to invite Jesus into their heart, and others will say they know Him because they know all these things that the Bible says about Him.
If we say we know Him because we love Him and can recite the many things the Bible says about Him, that is not really knowing Jesus. That is possessing knowledge without wisdom.  It’s like an abstract painting. You could recognize the colors on the canvas: blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, brown, but you can’t make out the image. Is that a cow hugging a tree?.......I don’t know……I think so…….it looks like it!  
In the same way, you could say that you know Jesus because you know these things about Him: His is  Truth, He is the Son of God, He is the Living Bread that came down from heaven, He is the Alpha and Omega, He is the Door of salvation; But this is just an abstract of Jesus. The reality escapes you. You can read anything you want into those true facts. When Jesus is an abstract, people describe Him with the paint of their imagination, which is an idol, which in turn gives them false comfort. The abstract is not the reality.
The Language of God’s Love
Everyone wants to save the world by asking, “Do you know Jesus? Let me tell you about God’s love!” But they never do tell you about the depth of God’s love as He manifested it through Jesus Christ. They just tell you how much they love God and God loves them.
Did You Know. . . God has to teach you the language of His love for you to know Jesus.
It’s just like kids going to school. They are already using the language, so why do they need teachers? Teachers instruct the children how to use the ABC’s to correctly construct words and sentences to communicate. What are the meaning of these words? How do you use them?
Where are the Teaching Apostles Today?
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The Elements Wheel is a fantastic new way for you to test yourself! Click on the link to view full size. Do you know Jesus? Renew your faith in Jesus by learning the ABC's of the covenant. Learn everything God wants you to know about Jesus Christ.
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Unfortunately, the church has been without teaching apostles for a long time. No one knows their ABC’s anymore or how to read or write the language of the Spirit. Christians know how to read the Bible, but cannot put it together. They really do not know Jesus and cannot communicate Him. They learned the language of their aspiration and this is the language they used to communicate Jesus to one another.
To know Jesus you need to know the letters of His name: grace, faith, righteousness, justification, sanctification, holiness, peace, rest, truth, charity, regeneration, and the renewing of the mind. It is with these 12 letters of the Gospel. These are the 12 Elements of the Gospel by which Jesus is known as the WORD of God. By instruction in these Elements, His Word is in us.
Knowing Jesus is an Experience
Knowing Jesus is an experience God grants you. That experience is found in the 12 Elements of the Gospel. The language describes our experience of Him. Jesus Christ expresses Himself with these elements in us, and we in turn express Him through the elements. Jesus is grace, He is faith, He is righteousness, He is justification, He is sanctification, holiness, peace, rest, charity, truth, regeneration, and the renewing of the mind.
Jesus said, “If ye continue in MY WORD, then are ye my disciples indeed,” (John 8:31). His WORD (the letters of His name) need to be IN us in order for us to express Him. His knowledge has to be set in order in your heart = FOUNDATION.
If we were to trace back every frustration and confusion a Christian experiences, it would lead us back to the lack of understanding and experiencing these 12 Elements of the Gospel. Where is the beauty of holiness? How can I be perfect as He is perfect? What is righteousness? Where is powerful faith? Grace—what’s that? Sanctification—can you speak English please? That word is not in my vocabulary! Regeneration—Does that mean I am born again?
Do you see my point? In the matters of your conscience, in the matters of your faith, in everything that matters to God, you don’t have the language to communicate to Him and you can’t hear Him. You can change this around by learning about the 12 Elements of the Gospel and by learning everything about the New (Second) Covenant.


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