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What is Covenant? Lesson 2: Learn why God likens covenant to a contractWhat is covenant? A covenant can also be understood as a contract established between two parties. Everything you do requires a contract. Whether you buy a house or open an account at a bank or go into business, there are always specified terms for services rendered and the expected reciprocation. The contract presents in a clear manner the terms both parties agree to abide by. The same thing is true about your salvation.
God Reveals to us How to Serve Him Acceptably by Covenant
Do you know what the terms of the New Covenant are? God reveals to us how to serve Him acceptably and this knowledge is in His covenant. Though many seek to please God through the text (scripture) it is the text that points us to serve Him in His covenant which requires submission of faith to remove the cloud of mist on the mind. The imagination will not birth substance in the soul nor cleanse the conscience, but faith in His covenant sets forth a pattern of wholeness in the heart as the true mark of Christ.  
Most Christians do not Know the Terms God Established for Their Faith
The problem is that most Christians do not know the terms God established for their faith and become disappointed when God is not reciprocating His promise. In the absence of covenant the imagination molds a relationship with God that exists only in their mind and it played out in the emotions, but they are dead towards God.  
It is important that you understand first how to come into covenant with God through the 4 steps of our father Abraham and then to also learn the terms God set for your faith to reflect Jesus Christ perfectly. It is only then that you will:
  • learn how to serve God,
  • walk in true holiness with Him,
  • grow in His grace, and
  • live the rewards of faith in Jesus Christ.

You will also learn the difference between the terms of God for First Covenant faith through Moses and the terms of God for Second Covenant faith through Jesus Christ. You will also learn the difference between the Law of Moses, which confirms sin and brings condemnation for sin and the new law of grace and truth in Jesus Christ, whereby the Spirit confirms Christ and frees us from sin.

What is covenant faith? It is the lifestyle of the righteous. The sooner you learn about how to come into covenant with God through Jesus Christ and learn what the new law of grace and truth is, the sooner you will begin to experience all the things God promised in Christ.


Last Revised: 2011-10-22

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