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About Simple Faith: Lesson 3

Gain understanding by observing three different perspectives.

It is clear. Man Must Find His Purpose in God! But according to statistics, it is not so easy for man to find his purpose in God. The fact that there are over 33,000 different Christian denominations tells us that from man’s perspective, his searching for purpose does not always lead to finding purpose. These numbers are significant. It tells us that the majority of those who are seeking God’s purpose are not finding it.

From God’s perspective, there is only one way for man to understand God’s purpose. Likeness = Purpose. When the likeness of Christ is not fulfilled, then purpose cannot be fulfilled, which results in lack, which results in failure (feelings of shortcoming), which then results in frustration, depression, anger, and confusion.

The feeling that faith is lacking is not strange, it is very familiar to most believers. When we see that God’s purpose is not being fulfilled, there are some questions we should ask. Were believers taught the 12 Foundation Stones, the essential Elements of the Gospel?

Where these stones set as a foundation of their faith upon which they could build? Is it clearly understood that the likeness of Christ is His purpose?
To sum it up, believers were not taught about God’s perspective and missed His purpose. They missed that the purpose of God is fulfilled in the soul gaining the likeness of Christ.

From Satan's perspective, he sees many opportunities to exploit faith by first removing the likeness of Christ from the contents of knowledge and then condemning the soul for not fulfilling its purpose.
When likeness is fulfilled, purpose is reached. The soul experiences no lack or shortcoming, whereas faith’s success to achieve the likeness of Christ strengthens the soul in God’s joy. Satan is hereby robbed of his power to condemn. The soul can only experience joy when likeness is obtained and purpose is fulfilled.
In Jesus' words, "These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full," (John 15:11). Jesus would say, “ If you take on My likeness by keeping My words, you will obtain My purpose for you and this will bring the nature of My joy to your soul.” What a wonderful promise, to know that Jesus’ knowledge works the divine nature in the soul.
The carnal mind can never imagine that he can obtain the nature of God. Only the grace of God can reveal that to those who are willing to be instructed. Those are the humble at heart.

Final Summary
Return to the simple message of Jesus Christ.

None enters into a relationship with God expecting to fail, but the testimonies of thousands of believers covering the past 50 years details the many ways in which faith has eroded. What was the problem? Faith needed the right knowledge to build.

There is a great interest these days to return to the simple message of Jesus Christ. Understandably, as God draws believers to renew their faith in Jesus Christ by taking this journey of covenant faith there is a lot of ground to cover and a lot of questions that need to be answered. Remember that God answers your questions as you begin to build. It does not happen the other way around.

Students cannot build doubt and fear with false knowledge and then expect God to answer their questions. Students need to put into practice the knowledge they are receiving and then the Spirit of God enlightens their understanding.

About Simple Faith is a believer’s opportunity to understand faith the way God planned. About Simple Faith is the beginning of your journey of faith. Your next course “What is Covenant” will give you better understanding of New Covenant faith to help you begin a covenant relationship with God. Following “What is Covenant” is “Tour The Basics”. This 4 part video teaching series will help students learn the 12 Foundation Stones.

These 3 Introductory Lessons to Simple Faith Series offered by Second 8th Week Ministries will open the door to many more courses, all designed to give you the knowledge you need to live the faith of Jesus Christ the way God planned.

Expect the need to define, explain, and clarify covenant terms.

In most lessons we need to use words that may seem strange or complicated to our students. These definitions are needed to clarify the meaning of covenant terms and explain the principles of Christ.

In the current Christian culture, covenant terms can mean different things because the flesh is made to function with faith. This changed everything.

At other times we need to redefine words that in the past have been defined ambiguously. Commonly used words and terms such as  “grace”, “faith”, “the flesh”, “the law”, “righteousness”, “sanctification”, “new birth”, “redemption”, “salvation”, “remission”, “the nature of man” “hope”, “joy”, “promise, “Holy Spirit”, “holiness”, “sin” and many more, have been railroaded. The tradition of man has taken ownership of them and God needs to set them back into His perspective.

Many of the words God uses to speak to us about Jesus Christ are now nothing more than misnomers. “A misnomer is a term which suggests an interpretation that is known to be untrue. Such incorrect terms sometimes derive their names because of the form, action, or origin of the subject becoming named popularly or widely referenced—long before their true natures were known.

A misnomer is also an older name being retained as the thing named evolved (e.g. pencil lead, tin can. . .tin foil, clothes iron. . .). This is essentially a metaphorical extension with the older item standing for anything filling its role. For example, the lead in pencils is made of graphite and clay, not lead; graphite was originally believed to be lead ore but this is now known not to be the case.”  (reference: Wikipedia)

As stated in the lesson, Satan defined each of the 12 Foundation Stones, grace, faith, and righteousness, and all 12 essential Elements of the Gospel to help believers find meaning in his perspective. Satan defined the words to bind you to the flesh. This is the reason for the misnomer replacing the true definitions of covenant terms. But now, God has restored to the church His covenant language.

Sometimes it takes a little longer to define fully what we mean by a certain term. When students take their studies with prayer we have found that the Holy Spirit regularly steps in to help assist their understanding to bring it to God’s perspective. You can count on this happening to you when you approach your studies with a humble heart to learn.  

Finally, at times an entire lesson may be devoted to defining or otherwise introduce students to new terms, concepts, or principles. For example, did you know that there are 5 distinct facets of the flesh that the Bible refers to as the “members” of our body? Each of the 5 facets of the flesh need to be defined if you are to win the battle for your mind.

Did you also know that human aspiration, principle, and the imagination play a huge part in Satan’s war against your soul? Did you know that the cycles of your spiritual growth follow a predictable pattern: Revelation, Resistance, and Reward? Learning to define the words and the patterns in a way that you can understand the objectives and goals from God’s perspective is needful.

Sometimes we will coin a word or phrase to introduce to you in an understandable way the force of Satan’s deception and how easily he moves faith from Jesus Christ and places it in the flesh. “Themistic Law” is such a term. The teaching illustrates to students how Satan uses the themes and issues of life to trigger the flesh to get faith into a place where it is not working with the knowledge and tools of Jesus Christ; to get faith to a place where it is not building with grace, but rather working to resolve the issues of life.

You can Expect Support

You can expect our prayer support as you begin this blessed journey to refit your faith with the knowledge God wants you to have to identify and reciprocate Jesus Christ. While the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers of the Second 8th Week are readily available to you to answer your questions, we know that you will learn best by having the Holy Spirit as your guide. You will learn how to correctly work with the Holy Spirit to grow in understanding.

Should you have a question or an area in which you need additional clarification please use the contact form on the site. May God be your confidence and comfort in the months to come.


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Last Revised: 2012-10-30

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