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Our body needs wholesome foods to grow strong. It’s the same with your faith. God wants you to be strong in your faith, so He directs you to His building blocks of truth. You're going to be building 2 things: 1) The Altar of Christ and 2) The Foundation of Truth.
This need to build with truth might seem like it isn’t what you need. The spiritual diet of most was not right from the start so it’s natural that you might be tempted to say, "Just show me how to get things from God." That’s not a negative reflection on you, but on the way faith in Jesus has been taught. You need Jesus’ building blocks of truth to know God and for God to know you. God's call to all coming to Christ is to be a builder. Will you answer His call?
The key to having a strong faith is to build from the foundation up. God gave us 12 essential elements of the gospel to learn how to build with the stones of His knowledge. Play “The Altar of Christ Game” by clicking the image below to launch the game and begin learning.

The 12 Elements are your Get to Know God 101 Course

Many want to know where to start on the path to a relationship with Jesus. We start here with the 12 elements of the gospel. They are God’s blueprint of truth and your starting blocks. If you have just entered into covenant with God and want to start building with Him, the first step is to build the altar of Christ in your heart. The 12 stones of Christ’s knowledge are both the altar and foundation of your faith.

These 12 elements are your “Get to Know God 101 Course”. Many respond to the grace of God and say yes to Jesus, but don’t know what to do next. They don’t know how their faith functions. God introduces the basics of Christianity in His easy to understand blueprint. Play the game and start building. It's fun and easy to learn!


Last Revised: 2016-03-16

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