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A Welcome Message from Evangelist Beaudene Schmidt

Evangelist Beaudene Schmidt Evangelist Beaudene Schmidt
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God's grace is abundant to every living being on this planet, whether you live in America, Australia or in the Amazon forest.  God daily issues His grace to call man into Covenant with Him, where he can fellowship with God at the true table of Christ.

We are living in an exiting time, one where God is restoring His true knowledge in the earth and bringing distinction between light and darkness. In this time He is awakening the souls of His people that they might know Him according to His terms, the terms of the Second Covenant.

There are many people that ask, "What is it that saves us?", but there is only one true answer to that question. It is not works of the flesh or praise and worship in the form of music, it is not by tithing or fasting or doing selfless deeds to help the poor. The only thing God is interested in is a Covenant relationship with His children.

Jesus shed His blood on the cross for the forgiveness of sins, but also to establish the second Covenant. Within the Second Covenant, God provided everything for us to have perfect faith.

  • His Spiritual Government
  • His Holy knowledge
  • His holy Spirit

When faith is tethered to this three-fold cord, it is perfect and accepted by God. After all that is what we want, to stand perfect and upright before God.

For years we have been exposed to Satan's lies and false knowledge which destroyed and corrupted the soul, making it unprofitable for God's kingdom.

God is saying that it is time for all people to come out of that system of darkness and come under the wings of His mercy where He can begin to heal and cleanse us and birth the fruit of Christ in us.

God has again chosen His living apostles and elders through which He will deliver this end-time message. Blessed is the ear that hears what the Spirit is saying, for they shall be saved, but those that stand firm in their tradition will not be a part of this great work that God is doing.

By this knowledge of Christ being restored to us, we learn how to build God's kingdom and we learn how to truly overcome self, Satan and the world.

It is time for all people to come into covenant with God, so that He can take ownership of their souls and begin to reveal unto them His mysteries and the work that He plans to do in the soul.

Romans 13:11 And that, knowing the time, that it is high time to awake out of sleep, for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed .  

May the grace of God touch you souls, and may your eyes be opened to the truth.                         

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