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True Salvation Is About Jesus Christ

A Welcome Message from Apostle Shanell McDanel

Apostle Shanell McDanel Apostle Shanell McDanel
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Since Satan is the father of lies, and the imagination is the window to the soul, there are endless options to try out to find a philosophy that “fits”. Whatever our mind labors with, there’s a product that’s evident in the soul of that labor. If we sow iniquity, we reap corruption. If we sow the knowledge of Christ, we reap His virtues and ever-lasting life.

So our salvation isn’t finding something that fits because then it identifies with ourselves and not with God. God will only identify with the works of Christ, which is equal to Him. Our salvation is about taking on the yoke of Christ daily, using what God sanctified with Jesus’ blood and not abandoning the terms and contact points of the Second Covenant. So the form of doctrine that we are exposed to and labor with must represent Christ in Spirit and in Truth (whole doctrine) in order for the proper fruit to be born within.

If we base our religious preferences on how we feel about the church leader or keeping old family traditions because it’s how we were raised we aren’t thinking about the true pattern for our faith and what form of servitude God accepts. Jesus preached about this to the Pharisees about the old traditions we must die to and take hold the new traditions He was establishing for our faith.

Also, Satan is the father of the emotions of guilt, shame, doubt and fear and inflames these upon the believer to keep them distracted by looping them around the same questions and journeys of self-completion. Only the grace of God can reawaken the soul out of slumber and bring awareness to the true state of the soul, which is the lack of His presence.

Often, when I am preaching, Christians will afterwards admit to having confusion and uncertainty about their own salvation. They are also aware that what I am teaching is a foreign language because it is absent from the church they are familiar with. This language is called the Second Covenant language which is the knowledge of the true salvation Jesus wants you to walk in.

I am an apostle with Apostles Today Network of the Second 8th Week. On this site you will learn from covenant apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers what it means to be saved, what is our true participation in the church, and how do we serve God at the altar of Christ. You will find here a community of loving, caring believers who will pray with you, for you, and stand with you in the grace of God. I am here to answer any questions you may have about serving God, how to have living faith and overall assist you in achieving a continual and ever-growing relationship with God.

2 John vs. 9 "Whosoever transgresses and abides not in the doctrine of Christ, has not God. He that abides in the doctrine of Christ, he has both the Father and the Son."

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