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A Welcome Message from Apostle Paul Odendaal

Apostle Paul  Odendaal Apostle Paul Odendaal
As I was playing golf last week with one of my Asian golf friends, He was explaining to me the importance of having a good firm foundation. We were talking of all the great players and how they all have one thing in common a good foundation. Now, if you know anything about golf you would be able to make the connection between a good foundation and good golf. But my reflection today is not so much on golf but on how this applies to our faith.
Without a firm foundation we cannot have good balance neither can our body work in rhythm. Let us look at balance first. It is extremely vital to have good balance in our faith. Why? Because when our faith is tried and tested and we lack the foundation of Christ which Jesus also spoke about as building the house on the Rock (Luke 6:48) we are easily pushed off balance and out of step with God.
It is easy to remain upright when the ground we walk on in firm and steady. When we build with the elements of the gospel and labor with the tools of the Covenant our foundation is firm, meaning it doesn’t break apart under pressure and steady meaning it doesn’t move under resistance. Neither golf nor our faith will ever be good (fruitful and effective) if we don’t practice. The problem is that it is not any practice that produces results it is the right practice. What I am saying is that I can hit golf balls all day long but if I do not practice to build a firm foundation I will fall apart when I play under pressure, because for me it is all about playing well under pressure.
This is very similar to our faith if we do not labor/practice to build a firm foundation with what God has sanctified we will fall apart when our faith is put under pressure. When our faith is tethered to Christ we do not stand alone under pressure, like in golf where we have to depend on our own abilities, we now stand by the power of Gods Spirit which gives us great confidence because we know that if he stands for us who can be against us (Romans 8:31).
Now rhythm, rhythm allows all our body parts to flow in sync or to move in unison when hitting golf balls. Without a firm foundation one gets what they call “too many moving parts”. When the body parts don’t work together in golf it leads to poor contact which leads to bad scoring….not the idée when playing golf.
Yes saints this is like our faith when our foundation is not build upon the elements of Gods gospel it is not build upon Christ and our faith will not be in rhythm with the Spirit of God. There will be way too many moving parts. Our imagination will be over active, our conscience will reflect the works of the flesh, and our confidence shifts from Christ to our selves. The result of this is poor contact. We are not hitting the mark…..which is the idée behind faith. 
The sum of my reflection is without the foundation of Christ laid in our souls our faith will always be off balance and we will always be out of rhythm with Gods Spirit. This is the state of all who lack the foundation of Christ. As for us who daily exercise our faith our balance is unmovable and our rhythm unbreakable for neither the ability nor power lies with us.
I would like to welcome you to this wonderful site that the Lord has provided where you will find the truth of Jesus Christ. My prayer for you is that you may find in Christ the light and joy of your soul. God has raised up a team of elders to serve you and help in you God’s grace. S8W Apostles Today Network is a living bridge of the Spirit to establish you in the true hope of Jesus Christ.

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