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Beholding the Lord

A Welcome Message from Apostle Erika Blignaut

Apostle Erika Blignaut Apostle Erika Blignaut
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‘Look not to man, but behold Me’. This is a word of wisdom I received of the Lord during prayer one day not so long ago. It gave me much direction for faith over the following weeks. It also made me think of how limited man’s ability is to implement godly wisdom where godly knowledge and understanding are lacking.
Knowledge brings the facts to the table, and understanding comes through experience; assisting us in our choices. This is so in all aspects of life, because Adamites (those born of the seed of Adam), were created to function by knowledge. But that which we can observe through our sensory existence in this world is only a fraction of the reality God created us for. So of far greater importance then, is for us to be educated in the realities of God.
When Jesus gathered together the disciples who would later be His first apostles, He instructed them continually in the knowledge of God. The mystery of Christ was unfolded to their understanding for the purpose of them later doing likewise for the church. God gave them the blueprint for faith to lay that sure foundation of Christ within the hearts of believers. Having done so, the scriptures would blossom before them to reveal His face on every page.
By this I mean, that the scriptures had hid within them a mystery that required a key of knowledge to unlock, and a heart of faith to perceive. This is why the Scribes and Pharisees despite their thorough study of the scriptures did not recognize God when He stood before them in the flesh, but despised Jesus to the point of murder.
As Jesus returned this key to Israel in their darkest of days – when they had become so blinded that they slew the very Light they so longed for, so is He also now returning this key of knowledge to the church. In a time when the original unity of faith and doctrine testified of in the Bible, is nowhere to be seen in the multitudes of denominations that call themselves the church of God, God is again restoring the sacred knowledge by which restoration will come.
Without this key, we cannot behold Him. We can read of Him; we can imagine Him; we can philosophize about Him, we can even hear from Him, but we cannot see Him. So instead Christians look to man. They look to their local Pastor and find a friendly face, but no direction for faith. They look to worship leaders and find emotional stimulation, but no direction for faith. They look to the mega-TV-ministers, and find motivational charisma, but no direction for faith. They hear Satan’s accusations and look to themselves, but find only lack and condemnation. 
So how then, shall they obtain this key of knowledge, this keystone that unlocks the mystery, this blueprint for pure godly building?
Once more God has called and equipped ordinary people by the standard of the world, yet honored of Him by election, to be the bearers of this mystery. These are the people you will encounter on this website; called, ordained and confirmed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what we have to offer is that divine knowledge which is the pure and true doctrine of Christ which the Bible also refers to as the apostles’ doctrine.
This is the unleavened bread, the new wine; the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ which is the true communion of the saints. Through the stewardship of His government, the restoration of His knowledge, and the empowerment of His Holy Spirit, God is restoring the knowledge of Christ’s covenant and the sanctified priesthood of believers. This is the sacred ground upon which our eyes are opened to behold the Face of God.
Blessed are the seeking; blessed are the humble; blessed are they that hear.
 “I am sought of them that asked not for me; I am found of them that sought me not: I said, Behold me, behold me, unto a nation that was not called by my name.” (Isaiah 65:1)

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