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What does it mean to be a born again Christian?

A Welcome Message from Apostle Diane Swarthout

Apostle Diane Swarthout Apostle Diane Swarthout
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It was pretty scary for me to learn that just because I invited Jesus into my heart did not mean I was born-again. Until I learned what it means to be joined to Christ in covenant, whenever someone would ask me, Are you saved? I always said, Yes, because I thought I was. But having the foundation of truth laid within my heart by true apostles, who teach the true gospel of Christ, I now know that grace far exceeds anything I ever understood before, for it embodies all things of Christ, which sanctify faith. I now know what faith really is, what God expects of faith, how to walk in the righteousness of Christ in true holiness--what my responsibility is in the priesthood of Jesus Christ, and what it means to be truly born again, sealed, sanctified, set apart, justified by the faith of that I know pleases God and works the fullness of Christ in me.

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