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“To be holy and perfect faith is God’s requirement”

A Welcome Message from Apostle Oscar Visda

Apostle Oscar Visda Apostle Oscar Visda
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Greetings to all!

Before and after denominational church experience. I always hear this nowadays.

“No perfect church and man”

A very dangerous statement coz no perfection man cannot see God.

It’s common to hear no perfect church from the world but perfection is common to God. 

Yes, you won’t get this from religion/denomination but in truth you get this in covenant church.

Its sad to hear as God never ask to be perfect in flesh but perfect in faith.

This is the reason Christ commanded His apostles to be holy and perfect like His father. Just think of it? Why God give command if this already done by the churches?

Yes! We know it's never been done, this is why God gave already remedy: So be wise! 

God gave The 12 Foundation Stones of faith: this is the remedy that must lay perfectly in the heart by master builder (apostles)

Were in last days rapture is near & no man can say His rapture ready if faith is not perfect that qualified him as glorious church. (Eph. 5:27)

This is why there is abused, hypocrisy, adultery, idolaters, abused, etc.

If this resisted, then it’s a mockery of calling Him the God of possible then being perfect church cannot be done? 

Yes! God is not asking flesh but perfect in faith so you won’t sin no more as glorious church of no spot, wrinkle & blemished as holy & perfect that’s good for you.

Imagined for 12 years I’m in the church but it never made me holy & perfect but in covenant church it took me only 3-6 months.

Amazing isn’t it!

Here’s how: God already gave remedy & Pattern through Christ new covenant faith; this is the 4 Steps of conversion:

Apostle Paul confirmed this in Colossian 1: 

28 "Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:"

Amen! See that? Perfect in Christ.

God welcome you in open arm in joining His covenant that can make you holy & perfect.

Continue to pray for you: Remember without covenant man can’t do anything. (John 15:5) 

As written, once man dies it's judgment (Heb. 9:27) so be wise and not fools coz Satan deceived the world already.








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