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God Is A Myth, When..

Apostles Today Ask: Do You Worship the True Jesus?

When Society Claims Culture Is Sanctified By God: Are Politics Righteous?

When you use your culture, church affiliation or race to explain to others that your faith is real we see an evident break down of true Christian faith. This happens when we try to explain faith in abstract terms.

This results as we use earthly things and mans wisdom for defining our worth before God. For the soul experiences lack when we resource things outside of His sanctification for confirmation and present to the approval of others a self-validation of our practice to define our self worth. This creates the dangerous hypocrite.

Those that seek Him outside of those things God has sanctified for our faith will not behold the face of God in reality. But the veil upon the soul is as a mist that covers the ground.

God is a myth to our senses when our worthiness is found in false tokens called idols. As this happens we seek validation for our confidence in others (culture, race, politics, traditions), in place of His grace which will not produce true faith nor humbleness of mind.

The False Record Of Man: The Lie

If we walk in rhythm with these things we lie and refuse the truth. For the abstract of God is more real to the imagination than the substance of His power by which we see God clearly.

God is a myth when we find our worth in carnal things, for we see God only in the struggle of the imagination to sustain this reality. We also seek the witness of man (false grace) to confirm our faith, worthiness and acceptance of God.

Religious Surrealism: The False Faith

This person is a religious surrealist, where faith is removed from living grace and placed in a hopeful projection of favourable circumstance and outcome. They profess to know God, but only know the abstract of Him and not the real person. Their pictures replace the person as sending love letters to make babies. Logical to the senses but void of power. (Titus 1:15-16)

God is a myth to the soul when the reality of Him is outside of any divine substance. The sinners observe what these conference speakers preach and assume that this knowledge represents the true Christ. But Christ is not in the paradox of what sinners see in the world today. Its issues are a direct result of rebellion to God's covenant and a belief system that rides on false grace. It speaks of the struggle in the conscience and promises resolve though the world's wisdom. The Antichrist spirit is seen in this behaviour.

The Ace In The Hole: Atheists Victory

Atheists can win on the grounds of the beliefs and practices of the surreal Christian. Such knowledge is a paralysation of the soul, immobilizing the faith and corrupting the charity. You cannot preach salvation in the state of ignorance and convince sinners you have the truth when all these conflicts are seen in the church.

The Painting Of The Tree: Go For A Hike

Try to explain the existence of God in words is like viewing the tree in the picture instead of that fresh air and smell of the forest. All the sinner will smell is paint remover! The surreal Jesus (Satan's Jesus)brings the fantasy of heaven into repute because God to them is dead. This is the result of centuries of the church growing the wrong crop.

When those that believe in Jesus teach and preach Him in abstract terms reaching outside of Christ then the struggles of the conscience is the profession which sinners see and hear and question your sanity seeing the contradiction of "Jesus saves and Jesus heals me."

The Church Created This Frankenstein

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This paradox remains to those not in covenant with God and seen to be absurd and unreal in practice. How can there be a God who is a God of order and those that believe in Him follow a 'blind hope'. God is not blind but those that are confused see Him as surreal.

No wonder the sinners view faith as weird and unfamiliar outside of reality because the unconverted believers have set bad examples for them in their choice of faith.

God is a myth when the church tries to define the spiritual world and kingdom of God with earthly terms as their communion, tithing, Sabbath days, dietary laws, circumcisions, and commandments of men. The hypocrite sees God only in their tradition which they see and hear but not the reality of Jesus' covenant faith.

People that resource the Law of Moses and the tokens of that covenant share in the derision of the paradoxes in not able to lay out the purpose of God to them.

Because of this the sinners think that they are justified if the hypocrite cannot stand to the question in answering those paradoxes. But abstract faith can only produce these paradoxes and so we see that which Jesus said there shall be perplexity among the nations.

Why perplexity? Because the religious surrealist made their own brand of Christianity which is Antichrist in place of the Record of Christ.

We see the religious intellectual conflicts that Satan nurtured in the hearts of people for many generations by creating the surrealist Jesus. The root causes reach back to the first century where the doctrine and deeds of the Nicolaitanes began to mix with the covenant faith and soon replaced it.

God Hates Unsanctified Knowledge: Satan Hates Faith

But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also HATE. So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I HATE. (Revelation 2:6 and 15)

Born was that which rivalled the church for centuries. Institutions of learning replaced faith with teachings that only address issues in and out of the church.

Many different doctrinal cultures emerged in competition and rival, envy, variance and emulation, and many people died because of this antichrist spirit which made a surreal Jesus. Adopting ancient cultures and entwining these into the present profession to lend the weight of the feelings of real religion.

When church leaders volunteered their studies as apostolically correct to the people they had to also provide a witness to confirm their efforts, and we see this in the practices of water baptism, eating of the communion, selecting the proper day of worship, and how much money to give in the approval of God's eye.

The Teachings Of The Church Took A Turn: Satan's Shadow

God is restoring truth to the Church through the stewardship of apostles today to remove this paradoxes of thinking which births the surreal Jesus. The Jesus of the imagination is without law to God and so those of false faith resist government and abominate truth walking in ignorant contradiction to the Spirit of the Lord. Lawless to apostles, riotous to truth and resist the Holy Ghost. Such is the perplexity among the nations today with the presence of abstract faith in the Church.

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