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The Prophets of Crete: The Balaam Ministry

False Faith: The Balaam Prophets of the Church
The Hidden History
The scriptures reveal a pattern of function which the church has lost since stewardship was removed from the calling of His grace to the institutional leadership.
Every emerging minister took to themselves certain beliefs that they felt carried the true faith the apostles preached. This practice of choosing one’s own faith became a norm and so was not considered spiritually dangerous. Today we see the results of this pattern in the ruin of the church. The church age coming to its close will need great changes in this mindset of previous generations.
When the stewardship is removed from the practice of former generations which was destructive to one’s faith and then put into a frame of responsibility, then those of tradition feel like their powers of doctrinal choice is being challenged and removed.
That is true, God is challenging this age old tradition and proving it false. It was never in God’s mind that man be allowed to create his own doctrine. You can choose to believe what you wish, just don’t expect your name to be written in the Lamb’s book of life.
 And I entreat you also true yokefellow to help those women which laboured with me in the gospel, with Clement also and with other my fellow labourers whose names are in the book of life. (Philippians 4:3).
The apostle Paul connects the salvation of the saints to his active stewardship calling them fellow labourers. These are builders of the kingdom of God, and not as those critics we see as Sanballat and Tobiah. They despised the building of the walls and the house of God. They claimed they were just as zealous to contribute to the building but they were considered as polluted. (Ezra 4:2).
Separation for Cleansing for Priesthood not Laughter
True prophets confirmed the season of restoration just as Haggai and Zechariah did for the time of Ezra and Nehemiah.(Nehemiah 4; Ezra 6; Haggai 1)
Today God is again restoring His House and the true prophets confirm this direction and season and not as those prophets of Crete which only affirmed the conditions of the state of their own carnality (Titus 1:11).
Those carnal Christians were looked upon by the apostle Paul as gainsayers that were in flow with their religious aspirations but out of harmony with the plan of God.
They wanted a calling for a position of authority to have a say-so on the will of God. This turned into a competition of concupiscence towards apostolic authority and those prophets became the voices of sedition.
The tools of their justifications were fables, for they witnessed the compassion of God in healings and answers to prayer, and then used these to resist the government of God, becoming riotous and unruly. Riotous to apostolic oversight and unruly to the doctrines the apostles taught. (Titus 1:6; Hebrews 10:26).
They sin wilfully thinking they retain their sanctification, but God views their ungodly behaviour as being lawless.
Rebuke Them Sharply
What Paul experienced then is still happening in the church today. Two groups of believers emerged as the brothers Ishmael and Isaac. One was a negative role model to oppose the plan of God by natural achievement and the other a positive role model—that of stewardship and covenant faith.  
Those that carry the true testimony of Christ do not seek confirmation through the flesh, but those that walk contrary to His sanctification will always argue their justification to settle the conscience for peace.
God Speaks to many Ministers
Such as these examples confirm the corrupt conditions of the church but do not have the wisdom to build His house. God issues dreams and visions as we see in these of Barbara Yoder, Cindy deVille, Matt Sorger, and David Housholder  who speak of shaking pulpits, corruption in the church,  and restoration,  which is true. (References in Charisma magazine) but then the revelation falls short of the glory of God.
Balaam speaking by the revelation of God refused to confirm the stewardship of Moses. Where faith is absent the state of the conscience is not pure and so the logic will seek justification by means of one’s traditions and so the grace of God is used in their lasciviousness.
Abominable and Disobedient: Reprobate
Those that remain in the state of wonder will perish in their slowness to try and discern the season and time of God’s power. When the logic rules in the imagination then the reason for faith becomes a mystery and burden.
Restoration begins through stewardship for the cleansing of the Body for the priesthood to be functional and fruitful. Without the wisdom of God, all the revelations of the condition will never be properly addressed nor resolved.
Come into the covenant of Christ and see His glorious handiwork in the heart. Tradition of man honours the flesh and religious self-achievers, while those of true faith are honoured by God whose names are written in the book of life.

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