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Put Down that Fable - Pick Up the Truth

 The Truth About Fables
The Danger of Fables
Why would anybody in their right mind abandon the truth for fables? The appeal of the fable is the association with Jesus Christ but not the virtue of Him.

The first century apostles identified the problem when those which had glorious conversions were not those that put their hands to the work. Instead of reflecting on the grace of God and building with truth they would seek the short cuts to Spirituality.

The fable gave them permission to walk according to the sight of the eyes in place of listening to the voice of the Lord. Because of the presence of the fable truth is measured to the moral code where those seeds of suspicion and envy begin to fester.
The End of that Person is Derision  
There is no covenant for faith to be perfect where there are fables that support God’s compassion. The priesthood is not in answers of prayer but in building the house of God through charity.

A fable can stand independently of God’s government so the fable will not work towards that fruit of longsuffering with one another.  A fable can stand alone from truth because it creates its own set of rules for truth through the inclinations of the imagination. Then finally the fable can appear as a virtue apart for the work of true regeneration as the apostle Paul said to Titus.
Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. (Titus 1:15).
A Few Pointers for your Discernment
1. Fables are joined to earthly issues and do not increase in His virtue.
2. Fables are also carried by testimonies of the past to justify the activity of the present.
3. Fables carry their own set of values and resist truth.
4. Fables have great appeal for the history of the bible but do not produce the pure conscience.
5. Fables can be interpreted in various ways and in a traditional religious light of different people.
6. Fables begin with the compassion of God towards someone but not with God Himself. God initiates His grace but the fable is born by the person’s aspiration.
The False Refuge of the Fable
Many good people have fallen away from the Lord because of the poison in the perceptions of God seen through the fables. People use their testimonies as the bases of truth in place of apostolic government and feel offended when their personal relationship with Jesus is discerned to be more sandy and less rock.
 A person may say:
  • I see more of Christ in the person who does not speak in tongues.
  • God answered my prayer after I tithed.
  • I was healed when I was baptised in water.
  • I was born again and delivered from drugs.
  •  I have Jesus in my heart so I do not need the Holy Ghost.
How to Turn the Truth of God into a Lie
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How can perfection of faith come through fables? Her mating will not carry the Name of Christ but in her fornication will carry the name of Shame. Her children are street wise and foolish and bully the righteous. Only those born of Him honour His Name in truth.
The apostle Paul said, “who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth.”
We see the first twisting of the truth in the Garden of Eden where Satan took the former knowledge that God gave to His steward which would be Adam and promised a favourable outcome by another application of the knowledge.  

Many Christians weigh heavily on their sincere prayers for the Holy Ghost to give them the truth of the scriptures. Now here is the bad news; The apostles never taught this concept in this interpretation of this scripture in John 14:16.Jesus was speaking this to His apostles and not to the general Jewish population.
But saying this to His apostles is to establish the need for the sanctified stewardship in His functioning government, where your true refuge is found.

So the local bible teacher comes in the assembly with a grand revelation he found in the bible. By this procedure there is no apostolic authority to weigh this revelation.

So through the passage of time and the writing of many articles and religious commentaries this “revelation” of this person becomes a stone in the denominational building and is used as an authority to oppose any truth.   

Now the error has become the standard for discernment and seducing spirits can use this error mixed with passions to resist truth and to persecute the righteous.

The True Church will Manifest this Sign
Where the function is through the whole Body and the increase is by the anointing. Charity abounds and faith is made perfect by the stewardship of Christ through His apostles.   

 Satan cleverly replaced apostolic stewardship with pastors, conference speakers and authors which did not understand the functions of the true apostolic government.
Do Not Break the Link
Your sanctification depends on the joining to the stewardship for the purity of the Word and the functions of the Christian priesthood. When the church wandered away from the covenant they began to role play the bible characters. Fables also took the place of sound doctrine, and so Satan ruled the perceptions of the church even though the bible waving preacher claimed its inspiration. In the conclusion now of the church age God is addressing these things for the Church to be without spot and blameless. For the restitution of all things includes this purging in the Church.

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