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The Gift of God – What is Gods Policy to The Church?

The gifts of God
The Gift of God is the covenant of Jesus Christ. God’s gifts are the 9 tools of the Spirit which are tokens for His peace. God is now setting His policy of the covenant of Jesus Christ, through apostolic stewardship. That means without apostolic stewardship you cannot know the term of God policy. Without apostolic stewardship the gift of God is just in the words of the imagination, which carries not substance.
God’s Gift Through Apostolic Stewardship
The gift of God is now a witness of true apostolic governance. God is setting a new policy upon the Church by establishing apostolic governance, not pastoral governance. Pastoral governance brought confusion, doubt and death which are a corrupted church. Now apostolic governance is bringing people out of bondage by resetting the foundation for truth which is a true witness of God’s gift.  
God is setting a new policy to the church so that He may grant grace and peace. The Angel of peace will retain the equity of the righteous in their conscience. Faith will be the substance of the things hoped for because charity will be upon the lips as spiritual transformation continually takes place in the soul.
God’s Gift of Peace
God’s gifts are what the world wants but it is only for the closer of their own equity. The world wants peace regarding their circumstances. But Gods gifts are not going to be there because His peace is only by covenant. God shall only preserve the elect and kindness shall be upon them. God will care for their survival during the time of there severing. For they belong to God as the light of God shines upon them.
The gifts of God are what the world wants but are looking in all the wrong places. They are looking for prosperity in temporal things, but true prosperity is in eternal things.  For example look at the rich man and the poor man Lazarus. The rich ended up in hell and Lazarus ended up in Abrahams Bosom.
God’s Gift in Knowledge
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The Gifts of God
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True prosperity in the gifts of God is in the increase in the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God. To increase in knowledge is a blessing and a benefit to you. You are now able to increase in and abound in faith, hope and charity with one another.
We cannot love God by the wisdom and knowledge of the world. We can only love God by using those things that God has sanctified for us to express our faith with. The gifts of God are only to those who love God the way God want them to love Him.
God’s gift is in truth which challenges and destroys all the high places and the mountains of aspirations. When man turn to man he is looking for the tokens of his pleasure. When man turns to God he is looking for the token for his peace. The peace of God is not in the tokens of the world, the peace of God is in the tokens of the Spirit. By the tokens of the Spirit we have peace with God which is truly a gift of God.

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