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July 11, 2015 – I awoke this morning with these words from the Spirit of God, “The just live by the precept of Christ.”
REFLECTION: I brought my thoughts first to reflect on the element justification. According to the doctrine of Christ delivered to the church through Apostle Eric vonAnderseck, the Spirit teaches the meaning of justification:
“Justification is the element that tells us how God instructs us to walk in the freedom of Christ, free from condemnation. Because Jesus is the standard of your faith, God will not condemn you for using His knowledge and tools. God instructs us how to reflect Christ in the conscience by using His new Law of Grace and Truth. By this we overcome the testimony of Satan in the soul and live by the testimony of Christ.”
Condemnation is experienced in the inequity of the soul; for God has judged all things less than Himself to be separated from Him and has given mankind an allotted time to accept the terms of His covenant to be joined to Him in the sanctification of Christ to be accepted of Him.
2 Thessalonians 2:13, “But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth.”
The problem in the church today for 99% of believers is how to live free from condemnation and free to Christ. The problem exists because a believer does not know the simple terms of the covenant and how to serve God with the knowledge (foundation of truth) and tools God sanctified with the blood of Jesus Christ.
The Problem When Truth Reflects Ourselves
In the absence of truth that reflects Jesus Christ, a person continues on in search of a truth that reflects themselves. I heard it again in this statement from a minister, “Every person that sits before me and tells their story is gorgeous and radiant in my eyes because they are finding their voice and having the courage to speak their truth (even as ugly as it might be).”
Testifying of oneself does not bring the liberty and freedom of Christ. When a person unburdens themselves of the fruits of iniquity that are pressing upon the soul, the temporary completion that is felt is the release of the God-Code of the soul. I’m speaking specifically about the facet of the God-Code that sets order for increase.
God made this a part of the makeup of our soul, to set order to all things for our increase. We see this preached in nature, how all that God created follows this rhythm. Bees for example, follow the due order follow the drive of the soul for completion.
The God-Code: To Set Order for Increase
From Apostle Eric’s soon-to-be-relaseed book “The God-Code: The Secret of Life: “Satan understands the design of the soul with the God-Code and has exploited it to where the drive of the soul to set order for increase now works with the defiled conscience to set order to frailty. This “thing” that we do is all about us and about frailty and about our vulnerability and about sharing this with God. Satan works it like an expert—preaching to the defiled conscience everything we know to be true about the fallen nature of man, helping to give substance to our observations of life.”
“… it is the powers of His likeness that we are discovering and defining. God created everything from Himself and it carries this likeness with it. We see this in nature. The offspring carries the likeness of its parent. We identify it by carnal means: shape, color, and size. The God-Code is the empowerment that keeps the plan of God in a forward progressive motion. When God created everything it was for the purpose of progressing.
We see the God-Code in the bees, how they have order for increase the birds and ants follow order for increase. The pleasure is the reward of the completion of the God-Code. In each species has a reward of increasing their own kind.” [end quote]
The Precept of the Broken Record
Man honors man for following the precept of the broken record of man telling the story of his experiences of abuse at the hands of Satan. We hear this honor of man in the voice of the minister applauding these efforts. It has been excused (justified) by attaching meaning to it, “I would not have known God unless He had brought me through that” or, “I could see the hand of God reaching for me at my lowest moment.”
This is man bringing God down to the level of the flesh, to use God to bring completion to the flesh. Faith does the opposite. We find the voice of Christ as we learn to speak the language of the Spirit to testify of His knowledge, which is glorious. The Holy Spirit works within the soul the nature of Christ. We testify of this transition in each spiritual sacrifice we offer to God in reciprocation of His gift to us.
I’m not talking about quoting the precept of scripture to testify of the goodness and wonders of God. That’s just as easy a trap to fall into. The carnal mind takes from scripture to piece together the holes in their own soul to bring completion to their own record, thus denying the record of Christ for their completion.
We WILL receive the honor of man for following that rhythm, but we won’t receive the honor of God. The devil DOES work within that rhythm, but the Holy Spirit won’t.
When the foundation of truth is set in your heart a different circumstance develops – I’m talking about real faith. You’re drawing from that foundation of truth to express Christ to reciprocate this gift to God. The Holy Spirit also draws from the same foundation to give witness to Christ, thus producing life in the soul. We thus live according to Christ and the power of His resurrection and God purges the conscience of sin and death’s presence.
The just live by the precept of Christ, not by the precept of their life or the precept of scripture.
I completed my reflections with a spiritual sacrifice I offered to God:
“While the habit of man is to first reach for his own record to find completion in the voice of another to mirror self, the abusive afflictions of Satan’s upon the soul are only healed as Christ is reflected in the conscience. The just reciprocate the gift of Christ to honor God above themselves.”
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Click “Precept and Line or Apostolic Stewardship” to learn more about why Christians got hooked on the precept of scripture.
Image credid: Eric Magnuson @Flickr (edited)

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