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Did You Question his Authority Before he Took Your Money and Ran

I had a dream last night that I’d like to share with you that again helps to clarify Self Questions (Self Q) and the false authority they present to the mind that works to interrupt faith.

In this dream, the mobility of faith was represented by a car which I was driving. I was pulled over by a citation officer who then sat in the back seat with me with a legal looking brief case from which he drew legal looking forms. His explanation of my lapse in driving judgment was followed by a demand for a check to pay in full the debt which I had incurred. As I signed my name to the check I had made out, I thought to ask him for his credentials to prove he had the authority to exact from me.

He did not have any credentials and stated that the forms in his brief case should be sufficient proof that he had the authority to stop me, question me, and exact a fee. I noticed that this was the last check in my book that I was about to hand over, which means that I’d been in this spot before. [end of dream]

The Devil Seeks an Injunction Against Faith

My reflections were first of all directed to the mobility of faith. It is God’s plan that faith remain mobile (functioning, progressing, growing, working with the Holy Spirit who is producing fruit in the inner man). The devil seeks an injunction against faith to interrupt this process (to resist faith) by drawing attention to seeming infractions against the law of human individual principles. This was represented in the dream by both the brief case and legal looking forms.

The Holy Spirit is drawing comparisons between the law of the principle of man and the law of grace. A choice is made in each growth cycle concerning which law has authority over us. We are to consider this choice to know how to respond in the trail of our faith.

The Law of Our Own Principle Works in Tandem With the God-Code

The next thing I took note of in the dream to journal in my reflection book was about my hand written signature on the check. This represents how each principle (the law of our own signature) is uniquely designed to speak to us about who we are and what we are all about.

It’s easy to see how our principles would be violated and challenged every day as there is a natural expectation of man hidden in the God-Code for others to reciprocate on this level, which others are not inclined to do. As these personal principles are violated (infringed upon) daily, the natural man seeks an explanation to restore order. But the principle is lawless to God, a contrary power that must be brought into subjection to God.

Infringe meaning: “act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on”

And again, if you are not familiar with your growth cycle, we’re talking here about God’s plan for us who are in Christ to overcome self, the world, and the devil. Overcoming self has to do with overcoming the principle of self that seeks to be the ruling power of the soul. And the dream is speaking of what takes place in the resistance phase of our growth cycle, how God addresses that for healing.

How Are You Battling Emotive Responses?

The false religious system teaches a person how to counter the emotional fallout, which for them is most notable. For example, when feeling unappreciated or undercut, one normally feels resentful. A person is supposed to counter the feelings of resentment by reminding herself that though others may not appreciate her as she had hoped, she is appreciated by God.

This countering of one feeling with another to govern emotive responses works to short cut God’s process for the divine nature to be formed within the soul and that short cut also circumvents the divine process of reciprocation.

Where charity is to reciprocate the face of Christ in spiritual sacrifices that are offered to God, the flesh assumes that God is seeking to exchange one emotion for another (resentment for gratitude for example). This operation of the flesh is mistaken for the operation of faith. As thoughts of resentment are appeased, rather than overcome, the devil rubs his hands in glee to have won another victory over faith.

Learned Principles Offer Strength to Shield Vulnerability

Back to my dream and the symbolism to see how the Holy Spirit is revealing Christ for overcoming self, the world, and the devil. In that the check I wrote was drawing funds from my own bank account to dispense payment in answer to these seeming infractions, the Holy Spirit is directing attention to the fact that the learned principles seemingly offer strength to shield vulnerability to protect self.

But these shields are weak in that they represent self (aspiration) and are used to preserve self. They are actually working to bring the soul into debt. Debt is opposite of the liberty of Christ and speaks of regret, resentment, and guilt. The instinct is strong in the signature to find completion in self. And while God did create the signature, the signature has a loud voice and needs to be tamed by the Spirit because completion can only be found in Christ.

In my dream, the act of signing the check represents a mirror. The principle is a mirror of self (aspiration) and the law to try to enforce that self view. When our personal image of self is seemingly violated or challenged, the principle is drawn upon to set order to the mind (to explain self to self). This is the very nature of a Self Q.

This word “infringe” is interesting because it highlights where the perceived offense comes from. And while the natural man is worried about who is going to undercut and misunderstand, this principle of man is actually working to undercut the law of grace and truth.

The Principle of Man Exacts a Debt

The way in which Self Q assume authority is represented in the dream by the official looking guy who stopped me. But in that a check was drawn against my account, the Lord is showing that this process of exchange with the aspiration and principle is exacting a debt, not increasing the soul.

In that the vehicle (faith) was halted, faith is strengthened by looking at how the principle and aspiration are used as tools by the devil to waylay (word of knowledge) faith.

Waylay meaning:
“Stop or interrupt (someone) and detain them in conversation or trouble them in some other way.”

The way in which the devil presents suggestions to the mind to infer a violation to our principle lays the ground for the mind to reason based on the evidence he presents to then reach very convenient conclusions. This plays into the natural inclination of man to stop and examine (a process of examination done by the flesh/conversation of Self Q) before proceeding on. Self questions are borrowed thoughts generated by Satan who seeks to groom a perspective in the mind that is contrary to the mind of Christ.

What Do YOU Want to Remember?

Faith is thus detained (to reason from progressing with reflections that justify Christ for the increase of charity. I called to mind a growth cycle from earlier this week and saw how the symbolisms communicated by the Holy Spirit in my dream played into my overcoming that cycle. It was edifying to see how that thread of charity continued on in my dream.

I also drew from my journal a spiritual sacrifice I offered to God that ministered to me last week and strengthened me again:
“The appetite of the soul is now being satisfied by Christ as He is meeting our needs for reciprocation, peace, and increase. As the appetites once ruled by the flesh are brought into submission to Christ our cleansing is declared in the testimony of our lips.”

WIW2R (What I Want 2 Remember): The principle represents self, which works to deflect faith to operate with lesser powers. Grace and truth represent Jesus Christ. These are the greater powers from above the Spirit works with to assist faith to reciprocate Christ, thus overcoming self to the glory of God.

Equipping the Saints: Do you want to be equipped to work with the Holy Spirit in your growth cycles? To walk upon the path of faith a person needs the foundation of truth set within the heart to know how to operate with the law of grace and truth. Learn about the essentials of your faith. Go to the 4 part video teaching “Tour the Basic”

The dream, when broken down by the Spirit, illustrates again how the authority is in the grace of God, not in the principle. Learn about the 5 facets of the flesh and how each facets is played upon by the devil. Go to the course “The flesh”

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