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“The Ministry Of The First Apostles Was The Message Of Covenant”

The ministry of the first apostles was the message of covenant given by the grace of God to the apostles office for the establishment of apostolic government in His Church. God has revealed this pure gospel of the kingdom message again to the Church in this age by living apostles today. God by His Spirit going forth  to again establish His government in the church by apostles. Gods government brings again the same message that was aggressively opposed in the first century church and will be forcefully opposed again by the spirit of antichrist. This antichrist spirit fights the message of the covenant by utilizing those who have erroneous religious church zeal by the precept of scripture and not trained in the apostles anointing. We can learn how this spirit of antichrist opposed the apostles for the preaching of this message of Gods anointing by reading the new testament, and learn of this resistance first hand by coming into agreement with God ourselves in  coming into His covenant, and sadly also reading ( below ) the historical truth of the violent deaths of the 12 apostles.

The deaths of the twelve apostles

Christian tradition has generally passed down that all but one were martyred, with John surviving into old age. Only the death of James, son of Zebedee is described in the New Testament, and the details of the other deaths are …. of varying authenticity. In some cases there is near unanimity in the tradition, and in other cases, there are widely varying …. accounts.

Original Twelve picked by Jesus:

5 were crucified and 3 were beheaded another stoned, another by an ax, and another by a spear.


· Peter, crucified upside-down in Rome c. AD 64.

· James, son of Zebedee was beheaded in AD 44, first of the Twelve to die (since the addition of Matthias)

· John, son of Zebedee, no biblical record of death, he is believed to have died of natural causes due to old age but Boiled in oil survived, and exiled to the island of Patmos.

· Andrew, Peter's brother, was crucified upon a diagonal or X-shaped cross.

· Philip was crucified in AD 54.

· Bartholomew (also known as Nathaniel) was flayed alive (skinned) and then beheaded; some sources locate his death at Derbend on the Caspian Sea.[24]

· Matthew killed by an axe in AD 60.

· Thomas was killed by a spear in Mylapore, Madras, India in AD 72.

· James, son of Alphaeus, stoned at age 90 then clubbed to death.

· Jude was crucified.

· Simon the Zealot was crucified in AD 74.


Judas Iscariot, originally one of the Twelve, died during

Jesus' trial. Matthew 27:5 says that he hanged himself, and Acts 1:18 says

Replacement for Judas Iscariot picked by the surviving eleven: , MATTHIAS Judas' replacement, was stoned and beheaded.

As you can see, this aggressive reaction of the preaching of the living record of Christ by the apostles anointing is not the easily accepted message we hear today in denominations, of which these pastors and teachers are not giving congregations sound doctrine of which leaders know, their congregations and they themselves will not endure.  The church in spite of this  is waking up to the deception of the spirit of antichrist that has prevailed in the churches and the watered down membership message in denominations must be renounced along with denominations, and Christians must turn again to the true gospel of the kingdom, by apostolic governance. For it is this gospel that will be preached in all the world for the knowledge of Christ to be a testimony to all,  and yes persecution again will come, but  by this ministering of the knowledge of Christ will the end also come, and the return of Christ to this earth.  So that the knowledge of our long awaited Savior might prevail against the kingdoms of this world.



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