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The Law came by Moses, but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ

grace and truth
Law of Moses – the Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments was a law that told man what not to do, for God said, “Thou shalt not…” This was a “don’t do” law. The “don’t do” refers to abstaining from. Abstain: not to do, to refrain, to keep oneself away.
Keeping the Ten Commandments required the strength of one’s own self-will not to do the things addressed by the law.
The Ten Commandments addressed the fallen nature of man and how that nature found expression through a system called sin, which formed in the soul
the fruits of iniquity.
God gave the Ten Commandments to show man how sinful he was; the law made man aware of the iniquitous state of his soul (Romans 3:20, Romans 7:7). By the law man stood condemned.
God having now set His standard and expectation for faith in Christ, man can not obtain righteousness by the law (Romans 3:21, Galatians 2:21).
Being condemned by the law man could not be justified by the law. Justification: freedom from condemnation (Acts 13:39, Romans 3:28).
The law was used as a governor to restrict man’s expression of iniquity and immorality, until God’s promise to redeem man was fulfilled. The law of the Ten Commandments restricted, but did not change the fallen nature of man.
The law can be likened to a rope tied to a vicious dog: the rope restrains the dog from harming people, but the rope does not change the nature of the dog.
As mentioned earlier to abstain is to keep oneself away by the power of self-will to restrain or suppress the outward expression of iniquity and
God knew that man was unable to keep the Ten Commandments, because his will is weak, his natural inclination is towards that system called sin, therefore the people under the 1st covenant had to continually offer up animal sacrifices for the forgiveness of sin, but was of no effect for the purging of the conscience neither for freedom from the power of sin (Hebrews 9).
Law of Christ – Grace and Truth
The fulfillment of God’s promise to redeem the soul of man came through Jesus Christ: by His sacrifice upon the cross He provided a new and better covenant wherein man would receive not only the forgiveness of sin, but also
freedom from the power of sin and obtain the pure conscience.
Through Jesus Christ came a new law: the law of grace and truth, also known as the law of the Spirit (John 1:17).
By the law of grace and truth we are commanded to worship God in Spirit and in truth (John 3:23-24). As opposed to the Ten Commandments that said what not to do, the law of grace and truth says what we must do.
We must worship God in Spirit and in truth, through the activity of the sanctified priesthood.
We do the works of the law of grace and truth as we pray in tongues, as we offer up spiritual sacrifices of prophecy (the reciprocation of our understanding of God’s truth), as we study the doctrine of Christ (that which is delivered to the church by living, covenant apostles), as we reflect upon Christ (a dream, a word of knowledge, a word of wisdom, a vision, doctrine, and a spiritual sacrifice).
In keeping the Ten Commandments the beastly nature of man was restrained, but by keeping the law of grace and truth the nature of man is spiritually transformed from the beastly to the divine (John 1:12).
Here are some of the things that take place when we keep the law of grace and truth (doing the works of the 2nd covenant):
The Spirit sets temperance within us.
The virtues of Christ are being formed in us.
God declares us righteous, because the expression of our faith according to the law of grace and truth meets His standard and expectation.
We are justified: free from condemnation (John 8:1-3) and free to act in God’s interest (concerning His will not our aspiration).
Our sanctification continues.
We are holy.
The peace of God settles the emotions.
We enter into our rest. The soul is no longer warring after the flesh to find completion and self-expression with iniquity for one’s own boast and honor.
The love of God, charity, is shed abroad in our hearts and is upon our lips (we speak that which confirms God’s plan, pattern and purpose).
The Spirit of God is empowering the truth of God.
Regeneration is being effected within the soul.
And our minds are renewed (the new perspective).
When Christians errantly try to stand righteous before God by observing the Ten Commandments and any Jewish law, they show an outward appearance of godliness, but deny the power thereof (2 Timothy 3:5).
It’s like cleaning the outside of a cup, but not the inside; Jesus addressed this to the Pharisees.
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A new and better law came by Jesus Christ, that of grace and truth. By this law we are justified, by this law comes spiritual transformation.
The power for godliness is in the record of Christ, not the record of the flesh, not the record of Moses, nor the record of David (praising God through music, singing and dancing), for the Spirit of God will only give
witness to Christ, the Spirit works with the law of grace and truth.
True godliness is the birthing of the fruits of God’s divine likeness in the soul. It is this substance that God seeks from us, not good works of the flesh, not carnal tradition, not the works of man’s pleasure and not the works of morality.
To not sin under the covenant of Christ is not by abstaining through will power, but we sin not by simply doing the works of righteousness, doing those things which God has sanctified and made known to us by the instruction of His Spiritual Government.

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