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The Book of James

The  Book of James | Free Online Audio Sermons
These are full expository studies of the Book of James, with special focus to help believers understand the scenarios God sets for their testing. God does not tempt us to sin, but He does create the scenario for our testing as He did with Abraham. When God designed the challenge for Abraham’s faith to be rewarded, Satan was standing there to oppose him.
The study continues with these important points: How to choose to allow the peace of God to rule your heart; How to stand in the revelation of God; How to relate to the works of the covenant; What is an unconverted believer; Why the stewardship sanctifies the priesthood. The detailed exposition develops every aspect of the principles of Christ that you may qualify Jesus Christ as the true model for faith. James reminds believers to always keep your armor on, which is your priesthood.

The Complete Book of James

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2010-09-24Apostle Eric vonAnderseckJamesChapter 01::
2010-09-27Apostle Eric vonAnderseckJamesChapter 02::
2010-09-30Apostle Eric vonAnderseckJamesChapter 03::
2011-02-24Apostle Eric vonAnderseckJamesChapter 04::
2010-10-06Apostle Eric vonAnderseckJamesChapter 05::

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