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The Book of Barnabas

The  Book of Barnabas | Free Online Audio Sermons
This is a detailed, expository and practical study of the Book of Barnabas. Apostle Barnabas takes time to develop the mystery of Christ. The teaching covers the understanding of the fear of the Lord; the evidence of Jesus Christ being our advocate; the sign that you are in covenant with God; the propitiatory work of grace; salvation defined; the tools God has provided to carry us into our inheritance. . .and more.
Unfortunately, not all scripture God inspired made it into the collection of books we now know as the Bible. Paul, for example exhorted Christians to read the epistle he wrote to the church in Laodicea, but those scriptures were not included in the cannon. Jude quotes from the Book of Enoch and those scriptures were not included in the cannon. The Epistle of Barnabas is found on page 145 of the Lost Books of the Bible. The epistle was accepted and circulated among Christians in the early church and is therefore profitable for our reading and reflection.

The Complete Book of Barnabas

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2004-09-04Apostle Eric vonAnderseckBarnabasChapter 01:1Chapter 03:10
2004-09-08Apostle Eric vonAnderseckBarnabasChapter 03:10Chapter 06:2
2004-09-11Apostle Eric vonAnderseckBarnabasChapter 06:3Chapter 10:6
2004-09-15Apostle Eric vonAnderseckBarnabasChapter 10:7Chapter 13:8
2004-09-18Apostle Eric vonAnderseckBarnabasChapter 13:9Chapter 14:15
2004-09-22Apostle Eric vonAnderseckBarnabasChapter 14:16Chapter 15:17

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